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My Bio

Tuscarora Nation, Turtle Clan. (I am also part Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, and Cayuga)6 ft. tall, weight 185, humorous and sarcastic, educated at Canisius College, B.A. in history, too damn inteligent to take crap from hypocrites, but mostly an all around nice guy...yeah right... I also specialize in spotlighting internet jerks who claim to be native and are not. We Iroquois always ask what is your clan? Ain't got one, you ain't native. I also like to point out that all those People in North Carolina claiming to be a Tuscarora Nation, Tribe, Center, member, chief, are in fact.... NOT!!!!

My Occupation

Screwing with tight ass hypocrites

My Hobbies

I have found that I am very proficient at spotlighting evil, cowardly,hypocritical people and talking about them, and causing a big controversy...especially with those stupid enough to fuck with me....but other than that....I laugh my head off at society, and the crazy life I live in this white man's new world order. My real Hobbies: computers, chess, running my 20 Native web sites and discussion boards. Theoretical Particle Physics, GUTS, photo editing, video editing, desktop publishing, Superstring Theory, science fiction, metaphysics, fusion reactors, theories on aging, writing, poetry, porno, cannibbas, native issues, family, and computers.

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